A little love

We love all our couples! So much so that we like to keep loving them after their wedding films are completed and the years go by. Some of our couples have become wonderful friends over the years, some have even had us work with them again and again with both their growing families and the extended families!  And we are so grateful, every step of the way.

We also love to remind the world about that special day you said “I do” on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  But when our couples write back and give us words of love, it just steps us in our tracks and makes us that much more thankful for the amazing opportunities, the loving moments we’ve shared, and the amazing hearts of the people we have come to know over the years!

So, from all of us at NightOwls Media, thank you!  Thank each and every one of you for letting us share in your moments, in your journey, in your history!  Thank you.